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Hi, guys! My name is Ray, and I’m the owner of Passion for Pages Blog. On this page, you’ll be able to find out a little more about me, my interests, my goals for the blog, and just some random facts about myself.

Basic Info

Like I said, my name is Ray. I’m currently a freshman in college, and I am a Pre-Med Biology major. My goal is to become an Oncologist, aka a cancer doctor. I also want to minor in something, but I can’t decide between Psychology, Communications, and/or Spanish. I won’t say much else about that except for the fact that my main goal in life is to help people, whether that be through medicine, music, or simply being kind.

Why I Started My Blog

I initially started this blog for a few reasons that I’ll list below, in no particular order. To:
– share my love of reading with others.
– share my favorite books, series’, authors, and poems with others.
– have a place to speak freely about my opinions and theories of various books.
– express my creative side through the blog’s design and writing my own stories and poems.
– make a little extra money to help pay for college and such.

I’ve now decided that my blog will not only be about books, reading, and writing, but also about other things I’m passionate about. For example, I’ll be talking a lot about the music I enjoy, specifically K-Pop. I’ll also occasionally talk about my favorite TV shows, movies, and other things along those lines.

My Goals for My Blog

While I don’t have any grandiose dreams for this blog at the moment, I do hope it’ll have a little bit of success. I want to connect with others through my various passions (mainly books and music), as that’s something I’ve never truly had in my hometown. I also want to help others connect with my passions as much as I have.

Reading, writing, and music have been my escape for years, and they provide emotional outlets for me. Reading gives me something to think in-depth about when my brain needs something to focus on, and music helps me connect with the artists that write it through their stories and experiences. There’s also a Writing section of my blog for my original works, though I don’t often post anything original in that sense. Anyone who wants to view my original works (poems, short stories, books, etc.) will have to pay a monthly fee to access the majority of those posts. Ultimately, I want this blog to help fellow readers connect with other readers through their favorite books and authors. Not only that, but I want my blog to help other people find the joy of reading, as well as discover that K-Pop isn’t something to be laughed about like so many think.

What I’ll Do on My Blog

I’ll mainly make posts on my blog to talk about my passions in different ways. For example, with reading, I might post book reviews, recommendations, or even rants about a book or series I’m currently reading. With music, I’ll post about my love of K-Pop, the different groups I enjoy, and why I like K-Pop so much as opposed to other kinds of music. I’ll also probably be making posts whenever my favorite groups release new music. There may be some rare times when I talk about other types of music I enjoy, such as rock, Christian music, or even pop/indie songs I enjoy.

Like I said before, I want this blog to be a place where I can express my love of various things and how they make me feel. My mind goes a little crazy when I read sometimes, so I want to be able to post about what I’m currently reading. I also often get overwhelmed when listening to K-Pop or watching K-Pop related videos, so I want to be able to come on here and talk about what I’m feeling.

My Posting Schedule

I don’t currently have a proper posting schedule, as I’m often busy with school. I do, however, want to try to post at least once a month. It may be at the beginning of the month, in the middle, or towards the end, but I’m going to try to spread my posts out at least two weeks or so.

What to Take Away from this Page

I’m a weird, book-loving, K-Pop obsessed girl who just wants to share her passions with the world. I have a rough outline of my goals for this blog, and I hope for it to be a creative outlet for myself and a way to connect with fellow readers and K-Pop stans for others. If you have any questions, email me at, and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. I hope you all enjoy my blog!

Ray, Blog Owner
Freshman in College
Book-Lover, Writer, Music-Lover, K-Pop Stan

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