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Inspire Me: The Life of an Original Poem


Quick Intro

Hi, everyone! I know I’ve posted a schedule on my Home page about what kinds of posts I’ll make and when, however, I’ve been sick this past week. I’ve spent all week sleeping, laying in bed, and reading. There were even days when I didn’t feel like reading, which, as those who are close to me know, means I really don’t feel well. I know I made two posts last week, but one of them was sort of random. I’ll try to get on track now that I’m mostly recovered, though. Thank you guys for your patience with me as I’m trying to figure out how to run my blog. I hope you’ll continue to be patient and stick with me while I get the hang of this.

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About This Post

This post will be one of my original works, and my very first one at that. I wrote a poem for my English class a couple of weeks ago, and that’s what this post is about. The poem was a sort of remake of one I wrote years ago when my favorite author had released a new book. It was originally about how much books inspire me and everything that I love abut them. The newer version, however, evolved into a sort of ode to books about how secretive they are and how I’d be lost without them. I will include both versions of the poem so you guys can see the difference in writing styles. The edited version of the poem was written to fit the requirements of my English assignment, so it’s not quite how I would’ve written a poem normally.

I do plan on writing more poems to post here on my blog, but not all of them will be public. Some of them will be available for anyone to read, but others will be posted on the Writing page of my blog under the “Subscribers Only” section. In order to access that section of my posts, you’ll need to pay a small monthly subscription fee. You can do so on that page. Other works, such as short stories, book chapters, and ideas for other literary works of mine will be posted under that section as well. Now, all of that being said, I’ll now include the poems!

Inspire Me V1

Written Sometime in March 2016

Your pages
Filled with writing
Meaningful and meaningless
Inspiring and uninspiring

Your words
Full of meaning
Make me want to draw
Draw and write
Forever and ever

Your details
Blues and greens
Calm and peaceful
Forever inspiring

Inspire me
With your words
And your lines

Like lyrics in a song
Full of meaning
Never without

Inspire me
Like a painting in a museum
Or writings on a wall

Your words
Your pages

Inspire me

Your chapters
Full of plot twists
And resolutions

Your title
Full of secrets
Kept until the end

Your whole being
Is my escape
It makes me forget
The problems in life

Inspire me
With your words
And your lines

Like lyrics in a song
Full of meaning
Never without

Inspire me
Like a painting in a museum
Or writings on a wall

Your words
Your pages

Inspire me

The colors
Blue, green, yellow

The emotions
Upset, excited, anxious

The words
Used to describe

Inspire me

Inspire me

Inspire Me V2

Written 2/23/22

You begin as just a thought,
Nothing more and nothing less.
But then you begin to develop a plot,
Twists and turns you possess.
Your words, they string together,
Your sentences do the same.
Your pages last forever,
And they all lead to a name.
Everything you say;
Is like a lyric in a song.
Each connected in some way,
All of which belong.
“Inspire me,” I say,
“Just as you did before.”
And you do, in your own way,
But you still leave me wanting more.
The words on your pages,
Are like writings on a wall.
Nothing about you ages,
And you continue to stand tall.
Your chapters are full of plot twists,
Resolutions, and much more.
Your title, full of secrets,
Hidden at your core.
You, dear book,
Are like a painting in a museum.
Everyone is allowed to look,
But no one is to see in.
The secrets that you keep,
Are there until the end.
They’re pushed down so deep,
Your author, the only one with a pen.
That pen can let them out,
But then where would we be? 
They are not what this is about,
It’s about just you and me.
The way you make me feel,
You make me want to read.
Read more and more I will,
I’ll continue to follow your lead.
“Be with me to the end,” I say,
I don’t know what I’d do.
I would probably fly away,
If I didn’t have you.

My Best Friend (Inspire Me V3) (Surprise!)

Written Just Now, 3/7/22

An idea at the start
Turned into a work of art.
A string of words and lines
Created by one’s own design.

The pages you posses
Flow together into one;
A creation that lasts
The test of time.

Your details create an image,
One after the next;
Filled with colors and feelings,
Always some of the best.

Your chapters provide an outlet,
A reason for me to feel.
I don’t know what I’d do without them,
My heart would likely keel.

You make me want to draw,
To write, and so much more.
But when I try to put my feelings out,
They end up on the floor.

Every word that you speak,
Leaves something to be desired.
And every time you end like that,
I simply sigh in defeat.

You remind me of songs
And the way they make me feel.
You’re beautiful like paintings and
Everything I hold dear.

The moral of this story
Is that I cannot even begin
To express the way you make me feel
And the joy you spark within.

The way you make
My mind go racing,
It’s like tornado in my head.
And every time I try to speak,
It’s simply not enough.

So instead I write these poems,
Confusing as they might be,
In an attempt to quell
The fire you spark inside of me.

We’ve arrived at the end at last,
Though I’m not sure it truly is.
No matter my age, the day or time,
You’ll always be my best friend.


Let me start off by saying that, after copying and pasting the first two versions of this poem, I decided to reread them. Then, I realized that I still never fully expressed what I wanted to in them. That’s why I ended up writing an impromptu “final” version of this poem.

V1 Origin Story

The first poem was written at the height of my book obsession. I wrote it in a sort of repetitive song-ish format. The day I wrote the poem, I’d just gotten picked up from school, and I was on my way to my dad’s house. However, we had to pick up my grandma from work, so when I went into her office to tell her we were there, she still had a few things to finish up. So, I started reading my new book. It was Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare, and I remember feeling so inspired only a few pages in. Cassie Clare is one of those authors that is so descriptive that it makes you feel like you’re right there alongside the characters in the book. Anyways, I ended up feeling so many emotions from reading that I decided to write a poem. Then, Inspire Me was born.

V2 Origin Story

The second version of the poem, as I said previously, was written for an assignment in my English class a couple of weeks ago. Because it was for my English class and I had recently gotten back into reading, I only thought it fitting that I write, or rewrite, a poem about books. So, I dug around and found the original version of Inspire Me, altering it to fit the requirements of my assignment. Thus, version two.

My Best Friend Origin Story

I was going to leave it at that, but it didn’t feel like enough. After rereading the two versions while writing this post, I realized that I wasn’t satisfied with the poem’s final form. The second version felt too forced and inauthentic for it to properly convey they emotions I feel while reading. So, I decided to write a third, and final, version of my poem, Inspire Me. Although I don’t think I’ll ever be able to truly explain what my heart feels about books, I’m happy with the way the third version is written. I also decided that the title Inspire Me didn’t quite fit this final version of the poem. So I renamed it to My Best Friend, which is what books are to me: my best friends.

Alright, Enough of My Rambling

Overall, I really hope you guys enjoyed this post. Let me know in the comments what you think about my poems and which version was your favorite! Also, let me know if you guys have any post requests, and I’ll try my best to do them (as long as they’re book-related). If you want to see more of my poems outside of the “Subscribers-Only” section of my blog, let me know, and I’ll maybe simply alternate and post every other poem publicly for everyone to read.

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